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SSR is a small, hands-on publications business in Washington, D.C.

We can plan an entire print-media concept and carry it out. Or we can step in at any point in the publications process to ease a last-minute crunch and help you meet a deadline. And, we can do all this whether working long-distance or face to face.

We have a great track record.

Over the years, SSR has worked with numerous clients in government and nonprofit and for-profit organizations involved with health, mental health, banking, the arts, education, international assistance, and technology, just to mention a few.

We consult and manage; research, write, and edit; proofread and word process; design and prepare for press; and serve as a Fresh Eye.

We produce books, brochures, position papers, manuals, newsletters, high-level government reports (including some to the President), and even a cookbook for the Queen of Thailand (really!).

SSR can also help you reengineer your entire publications operation to make dramatic improvements in the four critical measures of performance: cost, quality, service, and speed.

Whether you're a seasoned publications professional or someone handling your first publications assignment, we can be your partner in producing high-quality publications. Just give us a call.

See examples from our portfolio. Or simply move on.